Videos on Career

Career Insights (Tenzin Seldon)

Tenzin Seldon is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Comparative Studies of race and ethnicities at Stanford University.She was recently named Rhode's Scholar to pursue Master Degree at University of Oxford... Read more

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Career Insights (Tenzin Dickyi Sinzitsan…

Tenzin Dickyi Sinzitsang works for the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. This is the complete presentation she made to the Minnesota Tibetan community at the Tibetan... Read more

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Career Insights (Tenzin Nangsyal)

Tenzin Nangsyal is an Assistant News Editor with Hindustan Times based in New Delhi. An alumnus of Central School for Tibetans, she finished her graduation with English honours from St Bede's... Read more

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Career Insights (Tsering Lama)

Ms. Tsering Lama is doing a Masters in Fine Arts at Columbia University, New York, where she's also working as a creative writing and composition Instructor at New York.

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Videos on tips for Study & Exam Video

Tips on Study & Exam (Tenzin Gocha)

Tenzin Gocha is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology at New York University. Tenzin Rabga is pursuing BS in Physics at MIT. They are sharing Study Tips: Finding Interest, Taking... Read more

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Tips on Study & Exam (Tenzin Choephe…

Tenzin Choephel is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Aeronautic Engineering at Pennsylvania State University. He is sharing tips on preparing examination

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Tips on Study & Exam (Tenzing Tekan)

Tenzing Tekan did his undergraduate at Georgetown University, finished his MBA at Harvard University. He was a consultant at Bain and Company in 2011.

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Career links for Middle School

Social Studies & Career

Discovery Science Homework HelpAwesome site for earth, physical, and life sciences! KidsOfficial Kids portal for the U.S. Career Exploration and PlanningInfo on all kinds of careers with links for parents, educators, and more! National Geographic KidsVideos, activities... Read more

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Technology & Career

Information Technology Career Pathways GameIT Career Pathways Game: Learn more about IT with the game developed at Virginia Tech! EduWebDigital learning games and interactives about art, history, science and technologyWebsite: PBS Kids Design SquadWatch videos, play... Read more

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Health & Physical Education & Ca…

National Institute of Environmental Health SciencesVisit this site for educational games and activities from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.Website: Virtual Middle School Library- SportsWebsite: Sports KidsSports trivia, games, skills, and drills.Website: Sports Illustrated... Read more

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Science & Careers

For Kids only: NASA-Earth Science EnterpriseLearn about careers at NASA on this kids only page! National Wildlife Federation-Kids and FamiliesWant to work outdoors? Discover the wonder of nature through stories, activities, crafts, and play. Younger children... Read more

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