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Preparing for an Interview

When you have an interview approaching, don't be nervous: get prepared! Practice makes perfect, and the more time you invest in creating a CV/resume and working on your answers to potential interview questions, the greater chance you will have of succeeding.
Extra Tips for Job Success
Dress Appropriately: Wear clean, simple clothes with no holes or stains. Make sure your shoes are tied and shined and check that your clothes smell fresh. A collared shirt and sweater with slacks, or a long skirt and buttoned blouse are classic professional outfits for teens that you can easily achieve. Dark green and light blue, light pink and brown, and black and white are crisp color combinations.

Be Polite: Don't swear or make loud exclamations. Speak respectfully to everyone around you. Listen first and watch how others react to different situations. Speak decisively and with purpose. Don't ask too many nosy personal questions, don't gossip, and don't make rude or negative comments.
Use Body Language to Your Advantage: Sit up straight with your shoulders back and your head up. Shake hands firmly or bow/nod slightly. Smile and relax, your positive attitude will have a good effect on those around you! There is no need to be shy: you can make eye contact often and try not to hide or cross your arms or scratch your head. Game: Take a body language quiz!
Personal Hygiene Matters: Before your interview or meeting, take a shower and wash your hair. Avoid applying too much hair gel, makeup, perfume, or body spray. Clean your nails and brush your teeth. Do not chew gum, eat candy or snacks, or smoke cigarettes.
Be Confident & Calm: There is no need to become overly anxious or worried, simply take a deep breath and examine your surroundings. Smile and laugh naturally, without being too self-consious. Remember, if you are at an interview or meeting, it is because someone is interested in your abilities and experience, so don't be scared. Game: Learn about different leadership styles!