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Teniz Peldon

Teniz-PeldonName: Teniz Peldon

Job Title: Education officer (Vocation and inclusive education)

Educational Qualification:
Master in Human Resource Management

My role & responsibilities (Job description) briefly:
We are all different and we live in the community of diversity (language, age, sex, ability, religion etc) so everyone is unique and that unique should be respected.
My responsibility is to facilitate the teachers to make sure that every child gets quality education and meeting the needs of special children regardless of their background.

How do I help the children with special needs?
1) Conduct in-service workshop on Inclusive Education for teachers
2) Conduct workshop on art & craft for skills development
3) Empowering schools on practicing art & craft
4) Initial teacher training on Inclusive education
5) Visit schools and talk with teachers
6) Visit schools and counsel student
7) Visit community and do parental guidance
8) Talk with special needs children

My advice to someone interested in this field:
His Holiness says "Our religion is very simple, to be kind to others" This is basic and keeping this in mind, I believe everyone can be a good special educator and it will be best if you are good at team work, creative and very patience. Position your heart to help others as much as you can and never give up.

We are all learning and learning in our own different capability pace. eg. Snail and rabbit race