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Tenzin Lektsok

lektsokName: Tenzin Lektsok

Job Title: School Guidance counselor

Educational Qualification:
B.A in psychology and M.A in counseling psychology from M.S. University, Baroda, Post graduate Diploma in guidance and counseling from RIE, Mysore.

My role & responsibilities (Job description) briefly:
(1) Provide personal, social, academic and career counseling to individual and small groups.
(2) Help build and promote a positive and nurturing school climate.
(3) An overall development of the student.
(4) Create career awareness among the students from a young age.
(5) To make the student self directing and capable of taking his own decisions.
To enable the student to understand problems and deal with them intelligently and rationally

My advice to someone interested in this field:
Counseling is all about dealing with mind, so I would suggest the interested candidates to try reading or learning the science of mind, nature of mind etc (Buddhism), it will helps us dealing with different students and how to get along with different situations. In my very own experiences, time tests our patience to the limit and reading of self help books benefits us a lot. These definitely helped me to develop my own profession or career. I observed that the modern psychology curriculum focuses more on the projection of mind and does not offer a deeper meaning of the subject. It equips us with various tools and techniques but lacks the insight knowledge of mindfulness. After all, the most important in this field is how we use our own intelligence to deal with the challenges.