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Chenga Lhamo

Chenga-LhamoName: Chenga Lhamo

Job Title: Tibetan doctor

Educational Qualification:
I graduated my schooling from Tibetan homes school,Mussoorie. Fortunately, I was one of the selected among many students in five year course of Tibetan medicine through entrance test in year 1998. I finished my mentseekhang college in 2002. Since then, clinically I have been practicing in different branch clinics in India. This year I was conferred with menrampa degree (MD) from Tibetan medical college.

My role & responsibilities (Job description) briefly:
Being doctor, I believe it's a huge responsibility especially in a Tibetan society. In this fast life, arising of many terrifying diseases I think people should first understand the importance of health to keep away from illness. From the smallest way to educate your body necessities, like regularly into bath, drinking clean water, keeping surrounding devoid of filthy, making sure of right eating depending on stomach digestion etc. doing above, carries responsibility for each one of us to make a lots of difference in our society. And my job plays a big role to extend my helping hand. People come to us when they are in need of medical help and I always deeply feel that I must put best of my ability to provide the right therapeutic remedy. However, it is so important to take care of the patients who are mentally and emotionally down. As stated in our vast medical text, Tibetan medicine is not only science but also a religion, so spiritually connected and it's a holistic approach. Hence mind and body is very much related thus, it is how mental imbalance creates physical problems.

My advice to someone interested in this field:
I am Tibetan doctor. We are called Menpa which literally means one who is helping others. My piece of advice to our blooming buds of Tibetan children is you can also join this field as it can offer a lot of benefit for many patients. Being a Tibetan, you are showcasing rich cultural science to the whole world.