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Tsering Yankey

Tsering-YankeyName: Tsering Yankey

Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Educational Qualification: PhD in Psychology

My role & responsibilities (Job description) briefly:
My responsibility is to monitor and evaluate (M&E) project activities. M&E is an integral part of any project/intervention/program. Without M&E, it's difficult to "scientifically" find out whether project activities are being implemented as planned, and whether project goals have been met.

1. How do I monitor? : I monitor the project activities by visiting the project sites and also by communicating via phone/email with beneficiaries to acquire in-depth information to track the project activities.

2. How do I evaluate? : Before the beginning of project intervention, I collect baseline data to assess the current KSAP (Knowledge, skills, attitude and practices) of the beneficiaries and after the intervention; I once again collect the same data to assess the differences. The data collection tools include survey, semi-structured interview, focus group discussion, document review etc. Both primary and secondary data are collected. Data is then subjected to quantitative and qualitative analyses to find out whether project has achieved its intended goals or not.

My advice to someone interested in this field:
If you are interested in making a career in research and evaluation, then M&E is arguably the best career for you. Following are some quintessential skills which are part of this job profile viz:

  1. Need of good research background
  2. Adept at handling data using strong analytical skill
  3. Perform both qualitative and quantitative analyses
  4. Good writing skill as project entails lot of writing such as quarterly and annual reports to the funding agency

Patience, because evaluating a program is a time-consuming activity
Last but not the least, M&E has become an important profession, as there are umpteen number of projects run by CTA and other NGOs in Tibetan community but there is a dearth of professional M&E manpower. Provided the right skills and experience, M&E can not only find careers in national NGOs but one can also find their place in internationally run NGOs such as USAID, UNICEF, UNDP, Red Cross etc. So work hard from now on as scope in this career is indeed bright.