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Tenzin Namgyal Maja

Tenzin-Namgyal-MajaName: Tenzin Namgyal Maja

Job Title: Hardware Design Engineer at Intel Corporation Bangalore

Educational Qualification:
Master in Technology (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)

Work Experiences: 6 years
Aug 2008 after my master degree I joined Tejas Networks Pvt ltd as R&D Engineer at its Bangalore office. In two years I was promoted to Senior R&D Engineer and then in Feb 2012 I joined Intel Corporation Bangalore and since then working as Design Engineer.

My role & responsibilities (Job description) briefly:
At Intel I am involved in designing next generation laptops and computer by using Intel next generation processor and Chipsets.
At Tejas networks I was involved in designing of system and high speed board for Ethernet over SONET/SDH and Carrier Ethernet products.

My advice to someone interested in this field:
Electronic Hardware Engineer is about bringing innovation and ideas to real electronic product, which can bring great changes in the Human society. To become a successful Hardware Engineer most important thing is to know the fundamentals of Physics and the Electronics. Like Intel Corporation there are lot of great place to work here in India for Electronic Engineer but to reach there you really need to work hard and there are no shortcuts to real success so work hard.
It's important to have your own goal in life and to dream big , only if you have dream or goal in life you will reach your destination, all the great people in this world today were all big dreamers (dreaming about Goal)