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Penpa Tsering Tsak Sekhang

Penpa-Tsering-Tsak-SekhangName: Penpa Tsering Tsak Sekhang

About Myself:
Born in Shigatse .Came to India in the 1980's and by the grace of His Holiness was sent to Mussoorie to get education. Then joined TIPA (DHARAMSALA) for a Diploma course as a Tibetan Music And Dance Teacher. Worked as a Music And Dance teacher at Tibetan Homes School, Mussoorie for about 8 years bringing a fairly good amount of laurels to the the school 's name during the Inter Tibetan Schools' Zonal Cultural Competitions.Worked at Namgyal High School, Nepal , for two years also as a Music and Dance teacher.
He has performed over 100 Live concerts in India, Nepal, Gangtok,Bhutan,North America etc and brought out 3 albums and one video album.

Job Title: Was a Tibetan Music and Dance teacher, a Tibetan pop singer (present)

Educational Qualification:
High School (National Open School, India), Diploma (TIPA) Dhasa ,India

My role & responsibilities (Job description) briefly:
Teaching traditional Tibetan dance and instruments to school students, taking incharge of the cultural section, preparing students for Inter Tibetan School Cultural Competitions and teaching of school band( Band/ Nyaling)

As a pop singer working upon and bringing out Music albums, giving live performances for different causes, be it for individual livelihood, for community or individual organisations (both religious or Tsokpas/Keduks's fund raising events and continuing to impart traditional music lessons to Tibetan children in the West.

What inspired me to get into music and my role model:
Since his early childhood days singing was something that he always enjoyed.His late father and other people who knew Penpa had a good voice would ask him to sing on different occasions like special festivals or parties, marriages etc. and it was his very own late pala who was very good at playing the Violin and Accordion and also sang; who was his role model.

My advice to someone interested in this field:
Like any profession the road to success is not easy. Along with interest, one must be very determined to achieve ones goal. With Tibetans today, spread out in different parts of the world and today's young singers are everywhere but to be a Tibetan singer ,I feel it is very important for them to learn and be able to play at least one of our traditional instruments well enough, if not many.