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Gelek Passang

Gelek-PassangName: Gelek Passang

Job Title: Legal Executive

Educational Qualification:
LLM in International Commercial and Business Law from UK, LLB from Bangalore University, Senior High School from C.S.T. Darjeeling, High School from C.S.T. Sonada and Middle School from C.S.T. Tezu.

My role & responsibilities (Job description) briefly:
My roles consist of working on projects that we get from our American clients who are primarily American attorneys, Law firms and big corporations. Depending on the nature of projects, I have to get trained accordingly on the relevant American laws pertaining to the subject matter within the stipulated time and start working immediately. Part of the job that I am doing also involves reviewing the client's legal documents and exposing discrepancies if there are any. Amongst others, drafting of contracts also forms one of the works that I have to perform. Since the company in which I am working is a Legal Process Outsourcing company, I do not directly represent any American client in American court of law. In other words, by American law, it is not legally permissible to directly represent any American clients by any LPO from any parts of the world in American court of law. All the projects are civil in nature meaning it has to do with only American civil laws. With the change in projects, my job description also changes. I get to learn many unfamiliar American civil laws pertaining to different subject matters.

I am therefore responsible for delivering the project that I have been assigned right in time with good accuracy and no error. While doing this kind of job, I have to make sure that the principle of confidentiality is being respected and carried out at the highest level.

My advice to someone interested in this field:
Well, my advice to anyone who wants to make a career as a business lawyer or a corporate lawyer is, if you are financially sound or you have scholarship then go for LLM after your LLB degree. Make sure you choose the right course for your career depends on it to a great extent. Getting LLM degree from foreign university is always a hot cake and therefore gets the competitive edge over the LLB graduates. If you don't have either of them, then don't get disappointed and discouraged. Today, you can take up some of the business related LLM courses from good universities in India with relatively less fee.

To start with, working in one of the LPO's after your LLB or LLMdegree is very beneficial not only to your career but also to your financial needs. This is because, firstly, you will get a hands-on job experience of working on some of the most important subjects of business such as Contract, Tax, Insurance, Due Diligence etc. of a foreign country which you may not be acquainted with previously. This will help a person to get a job easily in any reputed law firms in India or abroad, possibly.

And secondly, from the monetary point of view, no law firm gives a handsome salary for a fresher unless you are from one of premier law schools of India or abroad. But don't be upset. LPO takes care of this short-coming too.

To sum up, a good degree coupled with job experience is all it takes to make your dream come true. Get motivated and get going. Your dream is not far away. My best wishes to all the students who dares to becomethe future Tibetan business lawyer. Your bright future is awaiting you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any suggestions or advice.