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Tenzin Dhargyal

Tenzin-Dhargyal-Dhasa-TCV-SujaName: Tenzin Dhargyal

Job Title: Teacher (TGT) English

Educational Qualification:
B.A, B. Ed. Panjab University, Chandigarh India

My role & responsibilities (Job description) briefly:
I have to take classes every day. This profession entitles me to know my student's strengths and weaknesses academically as well as emotionally. I have to make the students learn by employing different methodologies according to their different learning styles. I have to assess their learning on a timely base and note in down in each student's port folio. I have to be in a position to answer and cater to the queries of my student's guidance and parents. Finally, I have to get my students ready for higher academic achievement in their life.

My advice to someone interested in this field:
You really got to have the knowledge according to your certificate. You can not fool your students every day. So, while in college, drink as much wine of knowledge as possible so that your reservoir is full and you can easily share with your students.

Those who want to grow in wealth of knowledge and love teaching students no matter what, then you go for it. This is the profession where you will not only learn more than what you have learned anywhere else, but also you will not realize you are aging because you are surrounded by children every year. You have to be ready to face some hardship in the beginning of course adjusting with the students and colleagues.