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Secondary Teacher

Secondary-TeacherTeaching is rightly known as a noble profession. Much more than merely being a source of income, it plays a crucial role in shaping the lives of the future citizens by educating and contributing significantly towards building their attitudes, morals and character.
As a secondary school teacher you would be helping prepare young people for a fulfilling life after school. You would also have plenty of opportunities to develop your career.
To be a secondary school teacher you will need to have excellent communication skills. You will be able to develop good working relationships with a wide range of people. You'll also need patience and a good sense of humour.
Before you can start teacher training you need to have passed Class XII from any stream.

The work
Your work would be in government or private schools, teaching children aged from 11 to 16, or up to 19 in schools from grade VI to XII would:

  • Specialise in teaching one or two subjects
  • Teach classes of different ages and abilities throughout the school
  • Prepare pupils for exams like class x board exam & all india senior secondary examination (aisse)

You would also:

  • Prepare lessons and teaching materials
  • Mark and assess work
  • Manage class behaviour
  • Work with other professionals such as educational psychologists
  • Discuss pupils' progress with parents and carers
  • Attend meetings and training
  • Organise outings, social activities and sports events.

Teaching is for 39 weeks a year, usually from 9am to 3.30pm or 4pm. Outside of these hours you will be planning lessons, marking pupils' work and taking part in activities such as outings, parent evenings and training.

Entry requirements
The most common way to become a Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) or Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) by doing one of the courses:

  • BA degree or bsc degree or B.Com degree
  • Integrated four year B.A. B.Ed/B.Sc B.Ed degree
  • One year Bachelor of Education (bed) degree course.

These are usually full-time courses and take three to four years.
To get on to a degree course, you would normally need to have attained 50% in class XII.
Admission to four year B.A. B.Ed/B.Sc.B.Ed is done through entrance examination & interview but some universities give admission based on the merits in the qualifying examination.

To know more on this click www.lamton.org/entrance
To know where this course is offered, you can click www.lamton.org/institute

Skills, interests and qualities
As a secondary school teacher you will need:

  • Enthusiasm for the subjects you teach
  • The ability to develop good working relationships with a wide range of people
  • The ability to work in a team as well as use your own initiative
  • Excellent creative ideas to inspire children
  • Good organisational and time-management skills
  • The ability to manage classes and deal with challenging behaviour
  • Excellent communication skills