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Fine Artist

Fine-ArtsIf you are a very creative person with original ideas, and you have talent in one or more artistic areas, this job could be for you.
Fine artists create original works of art using a variety of methods such as painting, drawing, sculpture, engraving, printmaking or photography.
In this job you will need a good appreciation of colour and shape. You will need self-motivation to work alone. You may also need business skills to promote your work.
If you are exceptionally talented you may not need any formal training. However, most fine artists have BTEC qualifications or a degree.

Work activities
As a fine artist you could:

  • Work from your own ideas or to an order (known as a 'commission') from an individual or an organisation
  • Sell your work through an agent or through galleries, exhibitions, shops, craft markets and fairs
  • Research subjects and materials
  • Display your work for sale on your own website or an online gallery
  • Network with agents, dealers and galleries
  • Attend exhibitions and join artists' groups.
  • As well as selling your work, you could also:
  • Work as 'artist in residence' – running classes and workshops in places such as schools, prisons or hospitals
  • Teach art classes privately, in colleges or through community learning
  • Run local art projects.

Working hours and conditions
You would arrange your own working hours, which could involve fitting your art work around another full-time or part-time job.
You may work in a studio, at home, in rented space within a shared studio, or in specialist facilities such as a print or sculpture workshop.

Entry requirements
To be successful, you will need a high level of skill and talent in your chosen art form. If you are exceptionally talented you may be able to sell your work without formal training or qualifications. However, most fine artists have some training in art or design which might include qualifications such as Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A)/Diploma in Fine Arts etc.
Admission to College of Fine Arts are done through entrance examination. Click www.lamton.org/fine arts

Skills, interests and qualities
To be a fine artist you should have:

  • A high level of creativity
  • A good appreciation of colour and shape
  • Self-motivation
  • Willingness to work alone
  • Business skills to promote and market your work
  • The ability to cope with a changing workload.


Place of Study: Click www.lamton.org/top college
Meet an Artist: click www.lamton.org/career profile/artist